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Beserved Concierge LLC. was formed with a genuine and passionate desire to serve Northern Virginia Seniors, businesses and families with services specific to their needs. Beserved Concierge is a proudly Northern Virginia owned and operated.

Lucia Dey is the founder of Beserved Concierge LLC a premier resource for seniors, busy, time-challenged individuals and their families to help simplify their lives by using concierge, personal assistance and organization services. Outstanding senior care skills, people skills, time management skills, multi-tasking ability, organizational skills, , common sense, critical thinking skills, computer skills …years of hands on experience have enlightened my skills and a successful outcome is in store for you. I will provide my clients “service with class” and above all “service with my heart”.

Friends and family say I have a heart that “cares with compassion.” My compassion is the key principle in assisting a senior as a whole person with love and respect for the human spirit. My experiences with seniors and persons with disability began at a young age when I helped care for my grandparents and when I became physically disable at the age of 13 due to sickle cell disease treatment. I know how it feels and what it means to have a helping hand. I thank God each and every day for the healing. With faith, I fought my way back on my feet. I also strongly believe that my recovery process was very successful impart because of the love and support I received from my wonderful family especially my lovely grandmother who passed away recently at the age of 117. “Treat everyone with love, compassion, respect and dignity,” my wonderful mother, Rebecca Aku Dey, always says. “Especially the elderly and per-sons with disability.” I am thankful for the family values they instilled in me.

In addition, I was privileged to be employed by Sunrise Senior Living Community, Wesley Housing Development Corporation and my desire to assist seniors enhanced even more so. I was fortunate to have completed numerous in-service classes at Sunrise Senior Living to further my knowledge with senior care. My heart’s intention was to obtain my own business doing what I enjoy the most…caring and assisting seniors with their daily living activities and thus, Beserved Concierge LLC was born.

Servicing seniors is my specialty…assisting seniors, persons with their families balances my soul, spirit and mind.
Allow me and my Care Team to have the honor to care for you or your loved one

Lucia Dey


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BeServed Concierge LLC
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