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All rates based in the North Virginia.

Caring Companion & Respite Care:

  • Starting at $18 per hour
  • 3 hours minimum appointment

Errand & Shopping Assistance Service:

  • Starting $18 per hour
  • including mileage, limited to 30 miles round trip
  • 2 hours minimum appointment

Transportation & Escort Service (includes Companion Care) :

  • Starting $20 per hour
  • including mileage, limited to 30 miles round trip
  • 3 hours minimum appointment

Organization Home or Office (Clutter Control Assistance) :

  • Starting at $25. Assessment required
  • $100 minimum appointment project

Cabinets, closets, drawers, pantry, refrigerator, freezer, car, garage, storage area

Office cleaning/housekeeping services:

Starting at $15 per hour. Assessment required

Top notch On site Staff Housekeeping Service:
Cleaning in/out your property, empty trash, shine glass windows, sweep, mop, dust,

After hours office cleaning services:

Moving? Packing & Unpacking – moving & set-up assistance:

(Moving company and packing materials at client’s expense)

Pickup and delivery of packing materials is an additional fee will be based on distance.

  • 1 packer – $35 per hour
  • 2 packers – $70 per hour
  • 3 packers – $100 per hour
  • 2 hour minimum appointment

General House Cleaning Service:

  • Starting at $25 (to be completed within an hour)
  • One (1-2) cleaning specialist
  • Utilizing Client’s cleaning products & cleaning equipment

General Cleaning/Housekeeping Service includes clean, disinfect and sanitize common areas, office, lobby, activity rooms, kitchen & bathrooms.

Bathrooms: tub, shower, sink, counter top, toilet inside/out. Empty trash, Sweep & mop floor.

Kitchen: Sink, counter top, clean stove top including drip pans, clean outside of all appliances (refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher). Clean inside microwave. Sweep & mop floor.

Detailed Oven Service: Depends on size and condition – Starting at $25. Assessment required

Lobby: Sweep, vacuum, arrange furniture, dust decorations, organize magazine and newspapers

All other rooms including bedrooms, living area, den and office will include: General dusting
(no furniture polish used), sweep, mop, vacuum, clean mirrors, empty trash cans.

Customized Detail Cleaning Service:

  • Starting at $40 (to be completed within an hour)
  • One (1-2) cleaning specialist
  • Utilizing Client’s cleaning products & cleaning equipment

Customized Detail Cleaning Service includes General House Cleaning Service plus dusting with furniture polish if needed, dust blinds and damp wipe the following: Outside of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, baseboards, doors, walls, light switches & door knobs. Clean counter top appliances.

Additional Information

At least 24 hour advance notice preferred.

Contact us for free consultation.

703-782-6688 or

Together we will design a plan for your unique daily,

weekly, monthly or yearly needs.

Service Rates:

Rates are based on hourly and type of project. Charges are agreed upon by both parties prior to appointment. Assessment required. The hourly rate is determined by the services needed and the amount of time required. The client is responsible for all third-party fees; repair shops, groceries, mailing costs, etc. No mark ups are charged for third-party costs. The client pays only the actual third-party charge in advance and supplies the funds beforehand.

A three-hour or four-hour minimum service is required. (Home Care service)

Errand & Shopping and Transportation & Escort Service (Mileage):

Mileage is included for standard Errand & Shopping Assistance and Transportation & Escort service in the North Virginia (Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William Counties)

Errand services: There is a 20 mile travel courtesy to the service area. (senior center, hospital, office, home, etc.) 56.5 cents will be charged for each additional mile thereafter.

Client automobile usage is highly recommended to save mileage cost. Current automobile coverage, registration, inspection and written permission to operate vehicle is required.


Payment is due upon services rendered. Deposit required with some services. Cash, check or money order accepted. Gift certificate available for purchase as well. No mark-up is added for purchases made on behalf of the client. Requests for purchases must be made in writing and payment for purchases is required before shopping starts. All service rates apply to each individual client.

Thank you so much for your business!

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